Duchess of His Heart (Seductive Scoundrels #6)


Regine, Duchess of Heartwaite, married a man to save her family, but it destroyed her heart and the man she left behind. Now widowed, she is once again caring for her family, helping her younger sister find a match. When she runs into James Brentwood again, she cannot help but approach him once more. James has no time for relationships since Regine jilted him for a title and fortune; his only focus has been work.  Yet when he sees her again, he cannot help but notice she is more beautiful and alluring than before. When the new Duke of Heartwaite threatens Regine, James has a choice: save the woman who makes his heart beat faster, or leave her to destruction.

A sensual historical romance, “Duchess of His Heart” is a stand-alone tale where true love gets a second chance. Full of attraction, cold anger, longing, and guilt, the romance is so emotional it drives the tale. While the conflict with the new duke is so minor it hardly affects the plot, the relationship between Regine and James and whether they can try again makes the story. Although the trope is a familiar one, and lacks that unique spark, it does have a solid small cast of characters, vivid emotions and a happy ending. Fans of regency romance will find this tale of a lady and a solicitor well worth the read!

Sarah E Bradley