Double or Nothing

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AMERICAN/MYSTERY:  For Lily Granville, living with her uncle and guardian, a man she loved unconditionally when she was a child, has become something of a trial. To cap it off, he has arranged a marriage that she neither wants nor accepts.  Lily's interest lies elsewhere - with Jesse 'Ace' Diamond.  Ace is not the type of man that Lily's uncle wants for her at all - rough, uneducated and lacking in wealth. Since meeting Lily, Ace has worked hard to educate himself and has risked his savings investing in a dynamite business. When Lily's would-be fiancé (and Ace's business partner) is killed, Ace is an immediate suspect. Set in 1869 California, 'Double or Nothing' is the sequel to 'Double Crossing'. Though this can be read as a standalone, it's probably best to read the first book where Ace and Lily meet. Written in first person from Lily's point-of-view, this is an entertaining historical western mystery. Particularly impressive is the characterization and the hidden agenda of one specific person, making a pleasant change from the usual obvious villains.

With some beautifully descriptive scenes of 19th century California and realistic mining details, this historical mystery was topped off with a light, yet sweet romance between Ace and Lily. A rather unexpected change in Lily's uncle's character, seemed inconsistent and put a downer on an otherwise great read. Suitable for Christians who like a clean read and also for non-Christians who like western mysteries where the overtones of faith are very subtle, 'Double or Nothing' is a fine blend of historical western, adventure, romance and mystery.


Jill MacKenzie