The Dishonored Viscount (Diamonds in the Rough 8)


Marcus Berkly is London’s top eye surgeon. But society has a very low view of him. As the son of a murderer, polite society wants nothing to do with him. When a chance encounter leads to him make the acquaintance of Lady Louise, he can’t get her out of his mind. Lady Louise has suffered from cataracts almost her entire life. Marcus can offer her an alternative to the painful procedure she has repeatedly endured, and which has repeatedly failed. Louise’s father, however, is against any relationship with Marcus, even a doctor-patient relationship. In order to save herself from permanent blindness, Louise will have to defy her parents and spend a lot of time with the charming Marcus Berkly.

Marcus and Louise’s slow-burn romance is a fire continuously stoked throughout the pages. As their relationship and friendship develops, they begin to fall in love. Intrigue, betrayal, humor, and passion abound. Louise is strong, capable, hardworking, and determined to rise above her disability. Marcus is a hardworking, loyal surgeon who doubts his own worth and knows the price that is paid when scandal is attached to your name. Marcus falls in love with Louise, but when you love someone, you don’t want your bad name to ruin theirs. Marcus must decide whether loving Louise means leaving or fighting to make a life for them both. Just when the storyline could become predictable, Ms. Barnes throws in a twist reigniting her reader’s interest. A unique plot with great character development makes “The Dishonored Viscount” an excellent read.

Cara Cieslak