The Devilish Lyon


Harriet Hurst is tired of trying to find a husband in ballrooms filled with perfumes that throw her into fits of sneezing.  She has another plan… to enter the Lyons Den and enlist the help of Mrs. Dove-Lyon to find her a suitable match. Edward Fortescue,
Viscount Eskdale, has no desire to enter into marriage and only frequents the Lyon’s Den for games and female companionship. His friend Ambrose Crossley believes Edwards’s life is headed for trouble, and the thing to pull him out would be a wife. When Ambrose solicits the services of Mrs. Dove-Lyon to find Edward a bride, a game is set in motion. A game where the main players don’t even know they are playing.

Fans of the Lyon’s Den connected world will enjoy this latest addition as Mrs. Dove-Lyon works her magic. The relationship between Harriet and Edward is hard to accept. Harriet’s feelings are believable since she has carried a torch for him for years. However, she is continuously described as not overly attractive with thick spectacles and horrific allergies. Although she is alleged to be very smart, her intelligence is never seen in their limited interactions. Edward’s sudden feelings for Harriet develop without any extended meetings, only short encounters. However, the story is full of emotion and angst—a veritable rollercoaster of emotions that end as swiftly as they start. The idea of a friend soliciting Mrs. Dove-Lyon’s services for someone else is a welcome twist. A quick emotion-filled read to pass the time.

Cara Cieslak