The Devil of Dunmoor


Ethan Standish, the eccentric fourth Duke of Dunmoor, believes he needs nothing more than medical books and his friend, William. One blustery day, Mrs. Catherine Kirkcaldy arrives on his doorstep. His once-friend but now bitter enemy, Earl MacLendon, is dead and Ethan is the guardian of his children and she is their governess. To ensure the children’s safety, she has hidden them with her cousins in Scotland. When Ethan and Catherine travel to retrieve the children, Cat finds herself in a compromising position. Ethan valiantly claims she is his wife to avoid a scandal. How long must they uphold this charade?

Colorful characters make “The Devil of Dunmoor” a novel that can’t be put down. Cat is a strong female lead, afraid of no one, not even Mary, Ethan’s loud, overbearing mother who is bound and determined to keep Cat and Ethan apart. Ethan matures from a bookish eccentric into a strong man worthy to be called Duke instead of a demon. The dialogue is stilted at times slowing the pace of the story. Mary is an evil force to be reckoned with until she gets caught in her own web of deceit. Flashbacks to the war give additional depth to Ethan, allowing the reader to see the origin of his angst and fears. Following the many twists and turns make Ms. Connors’ novel an exciting tale of love and adventure.

Belinda Wilson