The Devil’s Laird


Lady Siena Bertram is so tired of her brother, Fidach, beating her that she doesn’t care if she lives or dies. When Ficach condemns her to die for being a witch, she kills him. The rope is placed around her neck and the chair kicked out from under her, making Siena lose consciousness. On a hilltop overlooking the strange happenings, Laird Roderick Scott sees the execution taking place. Roderick’s plan is to get vengeance on Fidach, who raped and killed his wife and may have stolen his son. When Roderick finally gets to Siena, he proceeds to save her. Roderick nurses Siena back to health, even though she is his enemy’s sister. Roderick is indebted to Siena for killing Fidach and knows she holds the key to finding out what actually happened to his son. 

This is just a wonderful Scottish historical tale told splendidly! The novel has lots of action, wicked humor and brilliant dialogue, making for a very enjoyable read! The small portions of paranormal scattered throughout manage to be quite believable, combining legends and reality beautifully. There are a few minor spelling errors and editing issues, but they really don’t detract from the story. Siena, the feisty intelligent English heroine, might be an outcast, and possibly a witch, but she’s is likable, strong and capable. Siena is easily relatable. Roderick, the harsh stoic hero wanting revenge appears unfeeling at first, but really cares for everyone. The story is filled with unique plot twists and memorable characters that will stay with readers long after the book is finished!

Roslynn Ernst