The Determined Mistress (The De Petras Saga Book 4)

Emily EK

Micah de Petras is the only son of a wealthy family, but not the primary heir. His eldest sister, Coral, and now her daughter, hold that title. The de Petras have had the unconventional structure of an heiress in charge of the financial purse strings for multiple generations. Micah left his family estate to move to separate accommodations to decide who he should or should not see. He’s happily pursued multiple mistresses for years rather than marry at his mother’s request. His longstanding Thursday liaison, Catherine Tetlow, is currently his only mistress. Catherine became his mistress to earn enough to care for her siblings. She wants to be his wife, and makes an outrageous bet to force his heart. Can this determined woman win? Or will she be forced to find an alternative?

The unconventional family structure portrayed in this English high-society romance provides the perfect setting for the sibling dynamics between Micah and his sisters. The excellent character development of each family member will have readers choosing their favorites and taking sides during the refined arguments. Micah is frustrated by a situation he cannot control and feels misunderstood. Catherine has unusual responsibilities and makes the only decisions she believes are available. Heated passion during their weekly liaisons between Micah and his mistress, Catherine, highlights a more than skin-deep connection. Ms. Murdoch serves up a spicy romance where both sides ignite with mere touches while creating a journey to their heart. Fans of historical romantic series will rip through the pages to discover the unexpected decision.

Simone Dober