Destiny's Plan


Raquelita Muro escapes her father's ranch with her mother and sister and boards a bus headed to a new life in Florida. She takes a seat beside Mathew Buchanan, a young soldier on his way to fight in the war in Viet Nam. This begins a new chapter of her life - tender, yet full of fury - one she does not share with anyone else. Their secret letters are the only thing keeping them both sane in a world that is full of danger and temptation during the turbulent 60's. Her mother struggles with a haunted past that reflects on her treatment of Raquelita and splits their hearts further apart. All the while her mother is determined to keep her and Mathew from being together. 


The author paints a vivid picture that enables the reader to easily step into the story and get intimate with the characters very early on; however, the controlling mother and her new suitor, the carefree Xavi, lack an emotional connection. Their romance feels forced and not as passionate as their steamy sex scenes do.  A sweet romance develops between Matthew and Raquelita yet some scenes drag on with too much angst. There are drug and war descriptions that may not be for the faint of heart, yet many scenes and back stories intertwine with intensity and are full of dark, raw and powerfully gripping emotion. 


Margaret Faria