The Deserted Heart


The Duke of Alvan is coming to Audley Park, and there can only be one reason. He obviously plans to propose to the beautiful Overton daughter, Thomasina. While everyone is occupied with the Duke’s imminent arrival, Charlotte, the Overton daughter least likely to marry, steps up to care for her younger siblings. While picking her brothers up from school, they are caught out in the dense fog and wind up spending the night at the Hart Inn. Although the staff is mysteriously absent, Charlotte and her brothers aren’t the only ones stranded at the inn. Their stay is filled with excitement as their fellow guest, introduced as Lord Alexander, adeptly fends off would be robbers. However, Charlotte will soon discover she has just spent the night with the Duke of Alvan!! 

What a refreshing and entertaining story! Charlotte is a delightful character readers will simply love. Because she suffered a childhood illness which left lingering physical effects, Charlotte’s family has completely overlooked her potential. Charlotte has accepted her lot in life, until she finds herself falling in love with the duke her sister is set to marry! Readers should appreciate the use of authentic language and the adherence to the moral codes of the time period, something historical romances have disappointingly strayed from.  Although, Alex is a little bland, the characters have both depth and development. The mystery and intrigue are evenly balanced with the romance, adding in just the right amount of emotion and family drama. Overall, this is a charming historical romance which gives this new series a solid launch! 

Julie Whiteley