Demon Laird (Legacy of the Mist Clans, #2)


Captured by the English during Longshanks’s siege on Scotland, Ronan MacGregor is brutally tortured to within a hairs-breadth of life.  It is through nothing more than sheer will that Ronan finds a way to escape although his injuries, both physical and emotional, are so severe that little hope is held.  As a last desperate measure, his brother sends for a renowned English healer, knowing Ronan may never allow her to touch him but realizing it is his only hope.

Lia cares little for war or countries, all they succeed in doing is placing tragedy at her door.  A foundling and gifted healer, Lia’s compassion is surpassed only by her talent.  Traveling from the only home she knows and into the hated Scotland seems to be the biggest trial she will ever encompass - until she meets the Laird she is to heal.

Seldom does one find historical romance so rich with history yet so enthralling with emotion!  Even more rare when subject matters such as seizures and PTSD are attempted with such clarity within that historical setting.  Yet, in “Demon Laird”  all are accomplished with exquisite beauty and depth.  All the traditions and superstitions, misconceptions and struggles are presented as the characters lead the reader to better understand the era.  While some may find some of the events a little hard to believe and the pacing a tad slow, for those who enjoy a “real” taste of history while indulging in a rich romance, this is definitely one to pick up!

TJ Mackay