The Demon Duke


As a young child, Damon Blackbourn had strange physical tendencies, thought by his father to be the works of the Devil. When repeated beatings do not bring them under control, he is banished to Yorkshire for the rest of his life. He returns to London after his father and brother are killed in an accident as the Duke of Malford.  Damon abhors everything to do with pomp and circumstance, but on his return to London, he is forced to attend functions with the ton. Guests eye him as the Demon Duke and the ladies find him unsuitable — that is, until beautiful wallflower Lady Grace Mattersley lays eyes on him. From that moment, the pair perform a lyrical dance of emotions that morphs into a touching love story. They have much in common, but the cards are not stacked in their favor. Her mother is dead set against the relationship and to make matters worse, Damon’s devious uncle — deprived of the family fortune — makes it his goal to destroy the Devil Duke.

Regency romance lovers will savor this story, interspersed with perfect amounts of romance, intrigue and redemption. The author does a wonderful job of portraying physical imperfections as stepping stones on the path to finding one’s self worth, both in life and love. Much like the tale of “Beauty and the Beast” readers will admire the beauty that is Lady Grace and adore the beast, known as Damon.

Layne Lancaster