Deception and Desire (A MacNaughton Castle Romance Book 1)


Fenella does not fit in with London society. Taller than most, she is the center of a cruel joke at her coming out. This disappoints her mother, who wants her daughters to marry well. She is sent to live in Glasgow with her grandmother. When she finds an ad for a bookkeeper she applies for it — and with her talent with numbers gets the job. Lachlan MacNaughton is destined to take over as clan chief but he does not want it. He goes to the family’s textile business to help clear his head, but he may have landed in more trouble than he expected. The new employee entrances him. However, both conceal family matters from each other that could only end in heartbreak.

Such a divine tale about two people who do not feel that they belong, but find love in each other! Fenella’s character is utterly superb. She is tall and not like most of society. She is also the center of bullying which results in low self-esteem. This is something that all readers can relate to. It is rare to find such a wonderful character that does not fit the standard cookie-cutter outline. Then there is Lachlan who respects her and wants her to be who she is and not change for anyone — also rare in a character. The pacing of this story is a bit off. It has a slow start and a fast ending, but it is all worth it. Plus, the supporting characters are enchanting as well! Readers will be counting down the days until they can get their hands on book two! 

Amanda Hupe