Death Speaker

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This book follows the life of Emyn, a Death Speaker - a person who sees ghosts and can speak with them. It’s a very useful ability to have, since ghosts are very well informed. They can’t tell the future, but they know the present. Of course, in today’s world that skill would be pretty useless, but it’s an incredibly valuable tool in the time of Caesar and in the territory of what is modern day France.  
Since the moment Emyn realized that she could see ghosts, her life hasn’t been easy. The ghosts make it nearly impossible to live happily.  
Death Speaker is an epic saga about Emyn's  life, and her search for happiness.  
It is a spellbinding story about love and loss, betrayal and honor. There are a lot of details about the political currents of that time, the wars led by Caesar and their impact on the tribes living across Europe.  Although this aspect is interesting, it can be overwhelming, with all the names, tribes, kings and druids - not to mention, trying to track the movements of Caesar’s army.
Emyn is a great heroine, but at times it feels like her personality is overshadowed by the events of her life. Nevertheless, it still makes for a read that pulls at one’s heartstrings. A life so gripping, it becomes impossible to tear oneself away. A truly amazing story!
Ana Smith