Dearest Irish: Texas Devlins, Rose's Story (Volume 3)


WESTERN:  Rose Devlin has a gift - she can heal with her mind.  Every time she has used that gift, however, it has brought her only ridicule and scorn.  She retreats to her brother's ranch to live, where it's peaceful and quiet - until half-breed cowboy Choctaw Jack shows up.  He unsettles her like no man has ever done before but she knows she must stay away.  When Jack discovers her secret, however, he realizes her ability might be able to help him, and he decides on a course that will change their lives forever.  

For readers who love a good ol' "Cowboys and Indians" story, this one is a must!  It combines both the good and bad of the American Frontier.  It tackles prejudices, not only between the white man and the Indian, but toward anyone who is different.  That’s a tall order for a romance novel!  Fortunately it is one Ms. Horner fulfills beautifully.  It rides the line of reality without getting too graphically uncomfortable.  Sometimes glossing over serious issues a little too lightly, touching but never seriously exploring the depth of feeling on all sides could be a bit of a drawback for some.  It is a good thing, though, for those who want to read and learn without being deeply affected - except with the romance  - now that’s another story altogether and one that will make every lover sigh!

Ruth Lynn Ritter