Deadman's Fury (The Deadman Series Book 2)


WESTERN:  In a territory in Washington, Sheriff Matthew Wilcox arrives at the train station to meet his wife’s niece, Amelia Winters, only to find out she has been kidnapped. Gathering a posse, he follows the clues to find her and bring her home safely. During his quest, he discovers that Amelia is just one of hundreds of women who have been taken against their will. Learning that they are all to be sold into sexual slavery at an exotic auction in Seattle, it becomes imperative that he and his posse find them quickly. When the kidnappers hear that Matthew and his posse are onto their trail, they realize the only way they will succeed is if they get rid of their pursuers.


Taking place in the late 1800s, this historical western takes the reader on a sweeping adventure through the lawless countryside of Washington State. Told from numerous points of view, the pace slows somewhat as the reader follows the story from each character’s viewpoint. However, this issue takes a back burner as one becomes engrossed with the action-filled story line. The stalwart heroes and dastardly miscreants are well developed with a lot of depth to their characters and meaning to their deeds, while the plot flows smoothly. Filled with plenty of twists and turns, dramatic encounters, and riveting suspense, this captivating novel has the reader turning the pages rapidly to its dynamic conclusion. It’s winning mixture of western history, suspense, action-filled drama, and romance makes this a story that will appeal to readers of many genres! 


Janna Shay