Dark Moon (The Dark Sons #1, de Russe Legacy #6)

Le Veque

Trenton De Russe is a special agent of Henry VIII—no small responsibility. He tackles the king’s most challenging tasks, though not always the most honorable ones. The story opens with Trenton on a mission to bring Benoit De Wilde, a violent scoundrel of a man, to Henry’s court for punishment. Somehow, instead of capturing him, Trenton manages to bind him and (oops!) drop him out of a window to his death.

Lysabelle Wellesbourne is Benoit's wife, and has endured unspeakable horrors. Her husband beats her, brutally and regularly. Proud and bound by honor, she has remained silent. No one, not even her father, knows of this travesty. However, when Trenton De Russe witnesses yet another of these mindless wife beatings, Lysabelle knows the truth will leak out. Trenton and Lysabelle were childhood friends. Friends who might well, now, after her husband’s demise, become lovers.

The author has done an outstanding job of orienting the reader in this series, in this time and place, outlining right at the start all the relationships and family ties. Her research is impeccable and impressive. The writing is lovely and lyrical, with lush descriptions that truly transport the reader back in time to the 16th century. The only flaw in the telling is the head hopping, which disorients the reader, repeatedly jolting them out of the spell the author has so cleverly spun. Historical fiction this well done, however, is rare. The details, the ambience, and the characterization are truly outstanding. The author knows her genre and delivers an authentic historical experience. And the sex scenes are hot! "Dark Moon" is a historical romance fan’s fantasy.

FS Brown