Dark Destroyer

Le Veque

MEDIEVAL:  Gates de Wolfe is not a good man. He may be a great warrior, but his use and throwing away of women is despicable. He knows it, and couldn’t care less. He has no plans to ever marry, so why not use what a woman is willing to give, or be sweet-talked out of. Jasper de Lara has decided to have Gates bring his daughter, Kathalin, home from the convent she was sent to 14 years ago, when she was five. He has plans for her, but then, so does Gates. 


A rarity from this author, "Dark Destroyer" has no battles, no campaigns, no castles besieged, and no knights killing innocents. A knight being forced to tell tales after coming home and a solitary raid is as close to battles as it gets. A couple of content errors will give savvy readers a pause. This story is a heart-wrenching tale of a man determined to wench and whore his way through life, who discovers there is indeed a reason to not be that man. A profound and sometimes disturbingly painful look at a man willing to change, knowing he will likely not succeed, but doing so anyway. Kathalin is perfect, in that she is never less naïve than she should be, never more worldly than her upbringing would dictate, and never wavering from what is right, yet always knows her place. Willing to become more than she was taught to be, she never ceases to love. Readers will be screaming for Alex to get his HEA. Grippingly deep, readers will be eternally grateful to Ms. Le Veque for stepping outside the box with this one!


Julie York