Dangerous Ties

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Because she has no family left, Lillian moves west to be near her cousin Carl.  Within a short time she has fallen in love with the owner of the local bank, Mr. Thomas Shelton. Shelton has convinced the townspeople to exchange their gold for bank notes.  When he absconds with the gold, the town is in an uproar, and Lillian is left to face a town of angry folk who believe she knows where Shelton hid the gold. She finds herself strung up, literally, not knowing how to convince anyone that she doesn’t know where the gold is hidden!
Coming into town to sell his horses, Nick cannot believe his eyes as he gets closer to what he thinks is a hallucination. A beautiful woman strung up over a mine shaft with a fraying rope! After cutting her down and tending her wounds Nick vows to avenge those who harmed her.
Although this is novella length, Ms. Parmley writes wonderful characters who run the gamut from kind and sweet to seriously evil! She portrays what the Wild West must have been like in the late 1800’s - from the way women were treated, to the gunslinging found in the dirt streets of small western towns. The only thing missing is the actual “falling in love” aspect of the relationship between Lillian and Nick. Still, this story is so enticing,  it immediately sucks one in, and won’t let go until the very last word!
Tonya Smalley