A Dangerous Seduction (Bow Street Brides #1)


Scarlett has been married to the abusive Rodger for seven long years. During that time, he has paraded a long line of mistresses in front of her, including her very best friend Felicity. Before her marriage to Rodger, Scarlett had been courted by Owen Steel, the baker’s son. They planned to elope to Gretna Green, but in the end she chose the viscount. Now Owen Steel is a Bow Street Runner and he is at Scarlett’s door, telling her that Rodger has been murdered and she is a suspect. Can her one-time love possibly hate her enough to send her to the hangman’s noose?

Emotions run rampant in this thrilling tale of lost love! The storyline flows smoothly and at a nice pace with a bit of mystery thrown in, which makes the book difficult to put down. All of the major players show depth and maturity of character, a great contrast to Scarlett’s mother who is shallow and immature in her way of thinking. A couple of glitches stand in the way of a 5-star rating, however — there are some problems with name continuity and the manner in which the murderer escapes unseen will stretch reader's credulity.   As the first book in a new series, author Jillian Eaton has created a world readers will be eager to return to.  "A Dangerous Seduction" is a well-spun tale of second chance romance with clever twists on a mystery that will keep readers enthralled until the last page.  

Belinda Wilson