A Dangerous Pursuit (Regency Spies & Secrets, #1)


THRILLER: Miss Madalene Dowding is a wealthy woman, which should afford her some freedom in the countryside of Regency England. Alas, her circumstances only attract the match-making mothers with sons of marrying age. Little do the mothers know that Madalene has no intention of marrying, and there is no man who could change her mind. Baldwin Hawthorne is a Marquess, but Baldwin Sparrow, his alter ego, is a spy for the Crown. His unexpected return after a three-year absence invites questions he can’t answer, and his changed demeanor only distances him from his loved ones. Baldwin is proud of the work he has done for his country, but his secrets have tarnished his reputation. Even if he wanted to marry, no woman would have him. Luckily, there is no woman he desires, but there is one who makes his blood boil.

Readers looking for a top-notch Regency thriller with well-researched details and carefully layered plotting will love “A Dangerous Pursuit”. This first installment in the Regency Spies & Secrets series is filled with well-crafted intrigue. This is not the regular Regency tale. This heroine can hold her own, and the brooding Marquess is filled with depth. There are no wooden characters or watercolor backgrounds. Every aspect of life in 1814 London, good and bad, is painstakingly constructed. Multiple twists and turns will keep readers turning pages. Bold, intelligent protagonists, fresh, authentic entanglements, and an expertly timed ‘enemies to lovers’ scenario provide the perfect blueprint for love and danger in this thrilling series starter!

Starling Gray