A Dangerous Passion (Steam! Romance and Rails #3)

E. E.

“A Dangerous Passion” opens with the western expansion of the railroads. Henry Stevens lives for the development of the Katy line; so much that he helps injured railroad workers with his own money. This insures the integrity of the Katy name while keeping morale high - no easy task with farmers railing against the railroad, competitors, and the mysterious disappearance of rabble-rousers. A railroad investigator named Major Robert Forbes is sent to Parsons, Kansas to investigate. 


Lucy accompanies her father out west to experience adventures like those in her favorite stories. Before she even gets off the train she finds herself involved in a shootout. A bearded man saves her, driving off the miscreants. Her fondest hope is for her father to unmask the unscrupulous manager and take his place. Unfortunately, the same man who saved her and sped up her heart is in the way of her father’s new job. 

“A Dangerous Passion” weaves together historic events along with fictional characters. Ms. Burke does a wonderful job giving the reader a sense of being there. Henry Stevens comes across as a complex character with a rich history and strong motivations. His supposed nemesis, Major Forbes, is equally complex. Lucy tends to run to stereotypical: supposedly feisty, but rather foolhardy and melodramatic in her reactions. It's hard to believe she cared for her father with her constant drama queen moments. The story started out quite strong, but struggled after halfway through. This romance should delight lovers of western historicals and those interested in the railroad creation.

Morgan Stamm