A Dangerous Lord (Regency Spies & Secrets Book 3)


Lord Evan Corbyn oversees the spy network for England; however, although he is the son of a duke, his family believes he is a lowly grunt worker. They are embarrassed that he works for a living. Lady Jane Radcliff has two brothers who have secrets; she is curious about them—which leads her into danger at times. She’s independent and smart, and she doesn’t want to marry ‘just’ to marry. She wants to marry for love, but her love interest isn’t cooperating. He feels unworthy, knowing he has blood on his hands and that she is innocent. Someone from his past is after him and slowly killing those he cares about, which reinforces his motivation to feign disinterest in Lady Jane. She does not take it well.

This is a well-written, intriguing story. The protagonists are rendered multi-dimensionally, complete with character flaws matched by integrity and grit. The dialogue sounds natural and intelligent, and the story flows well. The tension is fairly even until it ratchets up for the denouement, all while keeping the reader engaged in the storyline. It is always a delight when authors write a strong feminine lead character. This piques interest for both the female reader and the enlightened male reader. The motivations for the two protagonists are defined early on in the story, and Lord Evan and Lady Jane stay true to them until a change is forced upon them at the end. From start to finish, this was a compelling tale that will delight readers of the genre!

Carey Sullivan