Courageous Heart (Von Wolfenberg Dynasty #2)


Francesca di Cammarata, spoiled niece of King Ruggero of Italy, finds herself trapped in the middle of a war zone. The Imperial Army has reached the walls of Termoli and will soon take control of the port city, thanks to the weak willed William of Loritello. Francesca finds herself a prisoner multiple times over, but deems to prove her loyalty, risks be damned.

The Wolfenberg brothers march with the Imperial Army. They have all grown weary of the campaign, but stand loyal to the cause. Among them is Lute von Wolfenberg, middle son. A strong man, who has come to believe that life as a career soldier may be the route for him until he sees Francesca. He finds himself drawn to the woman, no matter that she is another man's wife.

War is always an interesting starting point for a romance and Ms. Markland does a tremendous job of sparking a conflicted connection between her characters. When it comes to characters, there is a wide variety to select from and each character has been given a unique voice and style, setting them apart from each other. The story being told, utilizes real people to an extent, but gives them a humanity that a history book would not. This is not a tale of battles, but a story of the people trapped within the fights, beautifully rendered. The reader should expect to laugh, cry, and get angry while reading this novel.

Penelope Anne Bartotto