The Counterfeit Lady: A Regency Romance (Book 4, Sons of the Spy Lord)

Alina K.

Lady Perpetua, Perry to her friends, and the daughter and of the infamous spy lord, Earl Shaldon, has bolted. Unwilling to be forced into marriage, she flees to the rugged Yorkshire coast to Gorse Cottage hoping to hide away there. Unfortunately, the cottage is already inhabited by the handsome and utterly annoying American painter, Mr. Fox. He and Perry have history. She has had a crush on him since she was a girl, and he has teased her and shunned her mercilessly.  Now, it appears that the annoying Mr. Fox is more than he seems. Could he be one of her father’s spies? Moreover, what is he doing at Gorse Cottage, an estate she will inherit upon her marriage?  As bodies pile up and layers of secrets are peeled back only to reveal more secrets, Perry and Fox are drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse. The prize: learning the truth behind the tragic death of Perry’s mother, but will they live long enough to tell the tale?

“The Counterfeit Lady” takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of adventure, action and intrigue. Lovers of spy and Regency novels will love Ms. Field’s skillful weaving of the two genres. Wonderfully drawn characters abound, from the many lively minor characters to the stiffly handsome and honorable Fox, always fighting his feelings, to Perry’s headstrong, slightly naïve runaway determined to live on her own terms. Along with the bright characters, the action is well plotted and will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Readers may be confused at first because, being the fourth book in the series, much of the backstory is only briefly alluded to, but that flaw is overbalanced as the story and characters draw readers into this rollicking tale of intrigue and love.

Marc Joseph