The Cost of Hope


Although slavery has been abolished, Soleil Dufor and her daughter Hope run for their lives from James Williams, their former slave master and a tyrant. Fate shines a light upon them when they run right into Alex Cummings. He has been searching for Soleil since her abduction 6 years before. He rescues her and the child and tries to help Soleil put the pieces of her damaged memory back together, while offering her the chance for a new lifer. When a family friend and a rival suitor for Alex’s affections hatch a plan to eliminate Soleil and her daughter for good, Alex is determined this time to protect her at any cost. 

As the beginning of “The Cost of Hope” unfolds, it catches the reader’s attention right from the start, with Soleil is put into a heartbreaking situation. Her inner strength makes her shine as a steadfast character, yet she lacks a strong personality to equally balance that strength. Alex comes in like a dream, bringing tenderness and love to this epic-style story. The villains are equally as appealing in their overall sinister nature. They add a wonderfully vile element and wreak havoc at every turn, keeping the action and drama continuous throughout. Readers will even pick up a few history lessons  along the way. With its twists and turns and a surprising ending, “The Cost of Hope” will no doubt delight fans of historical fiction.

Maggie Faria