A Cornish Connection


Much to his chagrin, Harry Bryce is forced to take a holiday at the height of his career with the War Office. Instead of waiting his time out in London, he sets off to the Cornish countryside to examine his newly-inherited estate.  During his stay, he meets the lovely Kerra Trevaine, and finds himself entangled in her life and her family drama.  Kerra is desperate to keep her brother safe, and her uncle from draining all the funds from their estate. The last thing she needs is Mr. Bryce. However, when things worsen she begrudgingly accepts his help and they are thrust into each other’s company as a result.  What neither bargained for was falling in love, and they are forced to decide if love is worth the trouble.

Author Constance Hussey sweeps her readers into a beautiful setting that will have them falling for the English countryside, right alongside her characters.  The meeting of the two main characters and the telling of their individual backgrounds is well done.  The hiccups begin when too many story lines are introduced, muddling the main purpose of the story.  The result is a sluggish middle and an unfocused plot.  With that aside, Ms. Hussey knows how to describe a character and a setting, which will keep readers coming back to her work over and over again. 

Amy Cefoldo