Cora’s Pride

Peggy L.

Ever since Cora’s parents died, she has accepted the responsibility of keeping her and her three younger siblings together and safe - an almost insurmountable task when faced with the continued trek on the Oregon trail. When no one will allow Cora to continue unless properly wed, she makes a mistake that will haunt her. Now, alone and forced to continue single-handedly, Cora is determined never to allow a man near her again. 

When Nathaniel Wilder accidentally comes across a wagon containing a beautiful young woman and three smaller children in distress, he knows it will be up to him to be their savior. But, with that woman hell-bent on refusing his help, doing the right thing becomes harder than it may be worth... unless he can win the vixen over and convince her to trust again. 

If one is looking for a nice escape to unwind with, this might just fit the bill! Cora is a strong, yet damaged character; Nate is a hero anyone would dream of finding. Add in a passel of kids, a dastardly villain and one has a recipe for enjoyment. While the characters are well written and intriguing, the shortened length of the story hindered it from truly exploring the depth and layers of both the personalities and the romance. The plot was predictable with nothing to make it shine above others but the story was still fun to read and will make a rainy day brighter for any American Western fan! 

Ruth Lynn Ritter