Conquered by the Highlander (Conquered Brides Series) (Volume 1)


When Brenna was a mere child of eleven, her family’s castle was overtaken. She was abducted and forced to marry the MacLeod’s son that same night. Now, she is an adult with four children and has been accused of murdering her husband, now the laird.  The laird’s younger brother has now imprisoned Brenna and her family and has threatened to kill them, especially the son, who would inherit the castle. Her cousin Ceana has sent her husband to ask Gabriel MacKinnon to rescue Brenna and her children. He also suggests to Gabriel that he marry Brenna once he rescues her. Gabriel pictures Brenna to be much older than he, since she has so many children. Is he in for a surprise!

This story has a unique plot that keeps the reader’s interest. Brenna and Gabriel are well fleshed-out characters who have a lot of past baggage that make them seem more human. There is a lot of tension between these two characters that can be felt throughout the novel. There is almost too much detail in the telling of the tale and so some parts of the story tended to drag. Those parts included when they were traveling after the MacLeod castle is conquered. The secondary characters seem flat and could be more fleshed out.  Ms. Knight shows a true understanding of the medieval period however, and this lends authenticity to her novel.

Belinda Wilson