Closed Hearts


Lady Grace is hiding from her vile uncle, the Duke of Chesham. An impromptu scheme hatched by her cousin Beatrice has her pretending to be a French seamstress at Greystone Hall. However, the few vulgar phrases of French she knows are hardly a good disguise and her tendency to see ghosts does not help. In order to return to London to save her cousin from the same fate she herself escaped, she will need help. The last person she expects to come to her aid is the handsome Viscount Worthington. Robert has always been interested in the unusual seamstress, but rank and class propriety have made him keep his distance.  When Lady Jane asks him to help Grace, Robert not only offers his assistance, but possibly his heart as well. With angry relatives and scandal separating them, can Robert win his mysterious lady?

A historical regency romance with paranormal elements, “Closed Hearts” picks up from the previous book with a new couple as its focus. With an interesting premise and a light romance, the story reads like a continuation of the romance between Grace and Robert that began in the previous book. The romance is sweet but steamy. The plot, while generic, has a few paranormal sparks to keep it interesting, and the story has a happy conclusion. However, the pace is a bit rushed, and the conflict is easily resolved, barely halting the romance. Lovers of historical romance or ghosts will get a kick out of this one!

Sarah E Bradley