Christmas at Rakehell Manor (Regency House Romance Series #2)


Hugo, the Marques of Warwick, has a reputation of debauchery at his country estate and yet it is not a continuance of such scandalous behavior that has him sequestered on his estate for the holiday, but a much darker secret that haunts him. Prudence (Prue) Eylesbarrow, a spinster of twenty-nine, is resigned to her station as paid companion and caregiver but when the dreaded fever befalls the household, Prues Uncle Nick secures her a safe haven from the illness at the secluded Rakehell Manor.


Ms. Hanbury carefully crafts a setting in the snow-bound country manor, taking her readers back through the centuries with not only the setting descriptions that are beautiful in detail but in her choice of verbiage as well. The reader, new to the genre, may find the need of a dictionary close at hand while snuggling into the warm comfort of a roaring fire to enjoy this novel. Occasionally, the reader will find the neglected workhorse verbs and articles, as well as the duplication of other verbs, jarring, distracting one from the ambiance of this story. Ms. Hanburys descriptions of sensuously charged scenes are many and at times feel contrived. These scenes are from both characters points of view, satisfying the reader craving a steamy romance without offending the demure bookworm. A holiday read which will toast the readers toes as well as their hearts!


Shaunna Gonzales