Christmas Forevermore (A Christmas Romance Collection)

Sally Britton, Sarah M. Eden, Ashtyn Newbold, Karen Thornell
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ANTHOLOGY: “A Family Christmas” - Cyril Grant and sister Elizabeth have not spent time with relatives in years. Elizabeth finds it easy to fit in with female relatives finding many commonalities. Cyril feels like an outsider. Jane is his grandmother’s paid companion. She strikes up a friendship with Cyril. Soon it seems like even more, but will his grandparents approve?

“Christmas Forevermore” - Minna is content being “on the shelf.” Mrs. Jackman sets a goal to have Minna engaged during the week before Christmas. She has three “suitable” men chosen from whom Minna is to choose. Minna’s friend, Rupert, finds he has growing feelings for his longtime friend and has a problem with Mrs. Jackman’s scheme.

“Christmas at Cranfield” - Hannah has been in love with Samuel forever. When her family spends Christmas with him, she discovers he is engaged and is shattered. When they next meet, Hannah is being courted by Lord Redditch. These star-crossed lovers can never catch a break!

“A Thrill of Hope” - Isabel is spending Christmas with her aunt at her father’s insistence. She’s waiting for her carriage to arrive, and to her surprise, Mr. Collingham’s handsome son is to deliver her to her destination. Robert is a childhood friend who was fun and friendly. When did he grow so aloof? He soon melts and sees how wonderful Isabel is, to his father’s matchmaking delight!

Altogether, this anthology is a delightful read which will put anyone in the Christmas spirit no matter the time of the year. These enchantingly crafted stories easily engage the reader, pulling them in, making them feel the bitterness of the cold of winter. The characters are captivating and intriguing, and each story doesn’t reveal all until the end. Each story has a slow spot which drags but then picks up the pace to an exciting fervor. The settings are incredible. Readers can see the sun sparkling off the new snow. A must-read at the Christmastide!

Belinda Wilson