Christmas in Crimson

Belle is a widow of five years who has been whiling away her time in the country, yet craving company and excitement. When she comes upon a stranger hiding in her barn, instant attraction flares between her and the stranger she finds. Hawke, masquerading as an out-of-work laborer, is on Belle’s land in search of looted treasure under orders from the Home Office. He is drawn to Belle, which is dangerous as she is intelligent, and mission? Belle has powerful feelings for Hawke, but she has already lost one love. Will she overcome her fear of loss and embrace this attraction to find happiness again?
“Christmas in Crimson" gets off to a great start, jumping into romance and intrigue, which will immediately capture the reader’s attention. The chance encounter and instant attraction are a bit jarring, but that initial stumble fades as the story progresses. The author ably draws out each of the character’s personalities and insecurities as readers follow the pair, watching as they grow and interact with each other. The story is filled mystery, danger, and the allure of something special developing between Hawke and Belle. Readers will feel compelled to read on to the tale’s inevitable conclusion, with a few surprises along the way. Some modern language does creep in, which is a little out of place for this period, but the premise is fun and provides a thoroughly enjoyable read.
Rika Chandra