Like Chaff in the Wind

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Matthew and Alex Graham are finally settled and starting their life together with their new baby when a demon in the form of Matthew’s brother surfaces again.  Abducted, beaten, then conscripted on a ship bound for America, Matt is faced with a new form of horror in indentured servitude with no means of escape and little hope of living.

When Alex is told of her husband’s fate, she knows she must somehow find him, free him and bring him home again.  It nearly tears her heart apart to leave her baby boy but understands the consequences if she doesn’t find her husband. Traveling across the ocean, then finding her husband even alive is a long shot at best, but one she must make - and succeed at, her very life and heart depend on it.

Whew, what a ride!  This story starts out with a bang, then twists and turns it’s way through to the very last page! It is the second in a series and, although the author does an admirable job of filling the reader in so it stands alone nicely, much depth and richness follows from the first. There were a plethora of instances that stretch believability and some areas that were left lacking, such as the continued adultery and repeated lies and broken promises being lightly brushed over, but the sheer enthusiasm in the writing and addict-ability in the reading experience makes this one an enthusiastic recommendation.

Ruth Lynn Ritter