The Caress of a Commander (The Caress of a Commander #2)

Linda Rae

Brothers Will and Stephen Slater have recently returned to England after their many years of service to the British Navy. Stephen, the bastard son, is accepted by his Marquess father, introduced to London's society and is quickly mistaken for his legitimate brother. Although he is enjoying himself at balls and wooing many a young lady, he quickly discovers that his heart is set on just one. But will she have him when she discovers he is not the legitimate heir? In the meantime Will searches for his long lost love Barbara Higgins, the daughter of an Earl who has disappeared. Fearing the worst he tracks her down only to find she believes he abandoned her all those years ago. Will she ever forgive him?


It becomes quite evident early on that there is more than meets the eye with these characters and their stories, and if the reader continues to scratch the surface and discover what lies beneath, it is a wonderful treasure to be found! Stephen is a delightful cad capturing hearts throughout while Will delivers his turbulent love story bringing just the right amount of emotion. Barbara and her father have a rather interesting situation though it feels as though it was not concluded entirely yet. Ms. Sande is a reliable source, perfect to deliver tempting romance, and a heartfelt love story mixed with light regency fun.


Margaret Faria