Cardinal Points


Born the fourth son of a Duke, Jason Fitzsimmon grew up knowing he would have to find his own way in life.  The sea and the freedom it held became that way.  While working his way up the ladder of command, Jason realizes his best opportunities lie in America, so he takes a chance, relocates to the shipping town of Boston and hires on with a local merchant shipping magnate.  From the moment he enters his boss' home, however, he is mesmerized by a beautiful serving girl.  


Oona has been an indentured servant since she was just a child.  After almost 10 years of service, she is finally approaching freedom - if she can just abide by the strict rules set by her employers.  One of them is no private indiscretions with men.  But, one look at Jason and Oona recognizes his beloved face from her past.  How can she stay away?  Yet , if she doesn’t, she risks everything she’s worked her entire life for.


This story is a delicately woven mix of history and romance.  Both are done with exquisite care and understanding, both are intricately woven into the soul of the reader.  Because of this, the historical aspect becomes a very large focus of the story so those who are not committed history buffs may get decidedly bored at times.  The relationship between Oona and Jason is definitely worth the read, however!  Watching  a forbidden love grow as the American revolution gears up is both exciting and riveting. Although Jason’s nonsensical choices near the end leave the reader scratching their heads rather than sighing in satisfaction, this committed historical is definitely a keeper!


Ruth Lynn Ritter