Capturing the Marshal's Heart


WESTERN:  Jessimay "Jazzy" Morgan is finally ready to change her life. After years spent in Miss Veronica's Pleasure Emporium, she has enough money to go to the mountains and lead a respectable life. True, she has yet to finalize her plans on exactly what kind of shop she wants to open, but she has all of the trip to figure it out. She didn't count on Slade Thomas. He makes her want to be bad, when she really needs to be so good. 


Slade is actually a US Marshall tasked with finding a female bank robber.  Unfortunately for him, no less than three women in the stagecoach fit the description, including one Miss Jessimay Morgan. He knows his duty well, but he finds it hard to resist Jazzy. Even his heart is not safe after their one night of bliss.


The sparks are simply flying of the pages in this wild western read! And the chemistry between Jazzy and Slade... off the charts!  Not only that, but even in the novella length time period the story is given, their feelings are completely believable.  There was more than a smidgeon of (somewhat unnecessary) drama at the conclusion of the story, but that can be forgiven. What's even more intriguing, and fairly rare, is the heroine's former profession and the fact that she wasn't, in fact, completely traumatized by it. She is a strong character that's more than a worthy match for a certain handsome, honorable and brave US Marshall. All in all, a delightful novella perfect for a reader looking for a quick, but very satisfying read!


Ana Smith