Capturing the Captain


ADVENTTURE:  It’s the 18th Century and pirates still rule the seven seas. It’s a dangerous life, but there is freedom and a chance to make a fortune. Abigail Clear knows that personally, growing up as the daughter of a notorious pirate.  Her father’s ship is attacked by his rival and she’s kidnapped in the process. Captain James Morrow is the captain of the Indomitable, and his mission is to reclaim the treasure Abi’s father stole from him. He’s not above seduction to get answers, but Abi is more than willing to turn the tables on him to gain her freedom.  In the process, she might fall into her own trap, losing her heart to the alluring captain.

“Capturing the Captain” is an enticing pirate romance with excellent chemistry between the leads.  Readers will be swept away by the fiery passion between the leads and descriptions of the seafaring life.  James has a masculine, sexy, intelligent allure, both for Abi and the reader.  Abi possesses a youthful, charming enthusiasm and willingness to go after what she wants, even if it’s her father’s rival.  It was fun to watch Abi and James fall in love. Although the majority of the book is focused on the romance, there are some good pirate action scenes to round out the story. At times the writing slips into distracting modern language that takes the reader out of the historical period.  Otherwise, this is a very enjoyable novel for historical romance readers who are looking for pirate-themed romance.

Danielle Hill