The Captain’s Daughter


At the tender age of thirteen, Janey, the daughter of a wealthy merchant captain, found herself in a perilous position when both her parents died. To survive, she entered the maze of housekeepers and lords. As an adult now, she holds the position of lady’s maid. She is fond of her position but finds herself falling for the son of the lord and lady. With a man owning a seemingly dark past continuously popping up and advising her against the son, Janey has a hard decision to make. She quickly learns that people are not always who they seem to be as she finds family in surprising places.

This intense story keeps the reader sailing on all the waves of emotion. Most of the characters pull out a person’s heart and play with it in some fashion—some from anger and others in sympathy. There are, however, a couple characters that are not written in a way to delve into who they truly are, leaving the reader with a disconcerted feeling. The pacing is a bit off. Some spots limp along, forcing the audience to step away for a moment, while other places have the reader not turning the page quickly enough. The story’s events are portrayed with accuracy and force, and the descriptions of the land and houses are mouth-watering. This is one book that will stick with readers’ hearts, making them glad for the break from reality.

Yannie Sorensen