Caelen’s Wife - The Complete Collection


“Caelen’s Wife” (book 1) is the story of Fiona McPhearson and all of the marriage proposals she is bombarded with until she has some sheep stolen from a neighboring clan. At least that is what she is led to believe.


“Caelen’s Wife” (book 2) is the continuation of book 1. It begins when Fiona decides that she isn’t sure what to think about Caelen McDunnah, but she does know that he might be an ally rather than her enemy. Until her best friend is murdered right in front of her own eyes. The McDunnah Clan’s war helm was used to convince Fiona that Caelen was guilty.


“Caelen’s Wife” (book 3) begins with a kiss between Fiona and Caelen. She is now convinced that he is not the enemy, but now she is faced with some of the most difficult decisions she will ever have to make. She makes the hard choices and prays that they are the best for everyone involved.


“Caelen’s Wife” Trilogy should really be read all at once. They are a continuation of the previous book and it is really a letdown if a reader stops at just one or two of the stories. Although the series is well written with strong and likable characters, they tend to be a little harder-headed than what might be believable. But, Suzan Tisdale still knows how to keep her readers coming back for more. Between strong-willed, stubborn, beautiful, handsome and loving heroes and heroines there isn’t much a reader couldn’t find not to  like in the “Caelen’s Wife” Trilogy. 


Mary-Nancy Smith