M Pepper

Brynnde Archambault has no time for society life, preferring to ride and enjoy the gardens of her family’s estate.  She is therefore not amused when her mother organizes a house party, inviting the Sommerfords and hoping that one of the two sons will take an interest in Brynnde’s younger sister, Tessa.  However, Brynnde forms a friendship with the Sommerford girls, and, although they seem to have completely different interests, she also gets along well with Garrick Sommerford.  They are all to meet again in London for the season, but before they leave, Brynnde’s father receives an offer for her from their older neighbor.  If Brynnde is to avoid having to accept his suit she’ll have to attract a gentleman in London.  Could that gentleman be Garrick Sommerford?


Fans of Regency romances would do well to read this enjoyable and well-paced tale.  Although the storyline becomes slightly unbelievable in the last section of the book and the ending is slightly rushed, this novel is, in general, well-written, well-researched, and stands out among its peers.  There are a few typos, as well as some anachronistic vocabulary and names unsuitable to the era, but these do little to distract.  The characters are believable and well-developed, and one can’t help being drawn into Brynnde’s quest to not only avoid an unwanted marriage herself, but to see her friends happily married as well.  Added to that, Garrick makes a refreshingly different hero from those normally seen in romances of this era.  A highly-recommended Regency read!


Heather Belleguelle