Blood Feud (The Warrior Brothers of Skye #1)


Tea watched her father die fighting a battle with the Eagle clan, her family’s greatest enemy.  She seeks revenge for his death, but her brother is now leader of the Wolf clan and betroths Tea to the new Eagle chieftain, Galan mac Muin. When Tea meets Galan sparks of both hatred and strong attraction fly. Initially she does not trust Galan, but the longer she stays with him and the Eagle clan, the stronger her ties to her new family become. She forges strong friendships and learns to get along with Galan’s clan. As Tea adjusts to her new life and the tenuous peace between her family and Galan's, a possible hostile takeover and a secret could destroy their fragile budding relationship.

Readers will love Galan, the strong, loyal and chivalrous hero.  His attempts to make Tea feel accepted and at home will definitely win readers over. Tea, on the other hand, could  rub readers the wrong way.  Her bitterness, vengefulness and hate towards Galan (even as she eventually grows to like him) make her somewhat unsympathetic.  Although set in 366 AD, some of the dialogue is modern English, but the portrayal of life, war and the time are otherwise true.  The pacing is quick and smooth, and with a good balance between battle and romance. "Blood Feud" is a compelling beginning to a new series by author Jayne Castel, The Warrior Brothers of Skye.  Readers will be anxiously awaiting the next installment.  

Roslynn Ernst