The Black Unicorn – The Rampant Series, Book 1

Heather E. F.

Ashby Harcourt - Lord Ashenhurst, rogue, The Black Unicorn.

London, England - April 1792. At a spring ball, recently widowed Lady Delemere, Elina Throckmorton, causes a small scene with her stepson and is then horrified when she sees one of her deceased husband's despicable companions. Her horror is intensified when she sees the rogue once again at a friend of her father's country estate, where her family has been invited for summer festivities. To her utter dismay, the rogue, Lord Ashenhurst, Ashby Harcourt, a known libertine, is a guest at the estate and being compelled to attend to Elina. Finding herself repulsed and yet strangely intrigued by the mysterious Lord Ashenhurst, she is confused by her feelings as they spend more time together. As their attraction to each other becomes undeniable, the two must defeat the obstacles of society’s norms to capture the love they both desire.

Rampant with pulsating passion, gallant heroism, and lascivious treachery "The Black Unicorn" is an epic romantic tale of scandalous trysts and perilous adventures on the highway to love! Characters, both major and minor, have genuine distinctive voices that clamor for undivided attention. The unique first names given to the three sisters are an unexplained intrigue sure to have readers scratching their heads. Readers will delight in their escape to the beautiful English countryside that includes manly hunts, leisurely picnics, and clandestine dalliances. The secret desires of lovers and the dastardly actions of villains deliver plot twists guaranteed to lead readers on a breath-stealing journey. Ms. Carter’s debut novel delivers an exhilarating love story about two people willing to jump hurdles and run at a full gallop toward an everlasting love. 

Tonya Mathenia