Black Sword

Le Veque

MEDIEVAL:  Devlin de Bermingham, is the most feared and renowned warrior in Irelands fight for sovereignty against England.  In his latest victory, he has successfully killed and conquered over 1,000 Englishman and their warships. The only problem is the battle prize. She is the beautiful young sister of the man he just defeated. Making her pay is sweet reward but staying true to his hatred becomes a quest harder than he imagined.


Lady Emllyn Fitzgerald foolishly stowed away on her brother’s warship to prove to the man she loves she can be a strong, capable woman.  Her extreme folly is brutally proven when the ship is captured, the crew killed and she is taken as the spoils.  Her entire life devolves from innocent lady to ravaged chattel.  The only way to save what little she has is to learn compliance and hope for mercy at the hands of her dangerous captor.


Wow.... just, wow!  This book hits the hands with a bang, twists the heart and makes it pound then doesn’t let go until the last breath is exhaled at the close! It doesn’t lightly brush over the realities of how female prisoners were handled as so many novels do.  It is harsh, heartbreaking and hard to read.  The author’s genius comes into play by keeping the story beautiful, allowing a love to grow even amidst the brutality of the times. It drags just slightly in the middle but kudos go to the fact that one can never guess the next turn in the story!  What looks obvious never is.  What seems the perfect plot device constantly surprises.  Medieval romance lovers, this one can’t be missed!


Ruth Lynn Ritter