Black Knight (Gentlemen of Knights Book 2)


Cecelia Dudley, daughter of a merchant, is determined to live life independently. So, it is quite a shock to learn that she has been married by proxy to a gentleman she has never met! Lord Heath Knight has decided to turn his life around; hence, marriage. The fact his bride comes with a 100,000-pound dowry makes it easier. Neither is prepared for the other. Cecelia believes she can pursue her plan to do good works and live her own life. Lord Heath discovers a need to protect his wife, who is not of his class and does not see the dangers ahead in her choices. When Lord Heath returns to his estate to bring it to order and leaves his new bride in the city, it isn't long before gossip swirls and Lord Heath's past threatens to destroy his new life. Can Cecelia learn to trust her new husband and find love?

"Black Knight" plays out in a melody of emotions that will capture readers from start to finish! Cecelia immediately garners sympathy given how alone she seems and how little power women had at that time. Lord Heath is the reformed rake, and his concern for Cecelia rings true. The obstacles they face are typical as are the reactions that occur. Nonetheless, there is plenty that is engaging and fresh in the story to make it an enjoyable read. As Cecelia and Lord Heath find a way towards one another, readers will be cheering along. The author also lays the ground for the next book, which hints at further intrigue. "Black Knight" is a satisfying historical romance that will entertain and delight!

Tricia Hill