Bewitched By The Bluestocking (The Perks of Being an Heiress #1)


Thomas Kincaid is a British private investigator, and it is safe to say that when Joanna Thorncroft shows up at his door, his life will never be the same. She came all the way from America, where she lives with her sisters and Grandmother. They recently came across a ring that belonged to her mother but it was stolen. It is impossible for Thomas to deny that he and Joanna have sizzling chemistry, but he had his heart broken years before. However, how can he deny investigating this puzzling case? As the history of the heirloom unravels, so does the ton. As Thomas and Joanna spend more time together working on the case, their feelings for each other deepen. Will the truth behind the ring keep them apart?

This historical mystery’s romance absolutely sizzles! The relationship between Joanna and Thomas offers up a slow-burn romance which builds throughout the novel. Readers will be begging for Joanna and Thomas to give in because their chemistry is off the charts! Not only that, but their banter will leave readers in stitches. As much as readers will love Joanna and Thomas, it’s Joanna’s sister, Evie, who is the star. Her flawless, quick wit is fabulous! Hopefully she will have her own story soon. While the plot has a rough beginning, it does find its groove. There is a flawless mixture of romance and mystery. Be prepared for disappointment at the ending because there is a massive cliffhanger! Readers will want to pre-order book two immediately!

Amanda Hupe