In Bed With A Blackguard - Lady Knights, Book 1


After being recruited and trained to be a lady knight in service to Her Majesty Queen of England, Jacquetta Lawson, a beautiful, incomparable debutante, is more than meets the eye. She is assigned a mission to learn the secrets of the infamous Lord Grayson Thane. As the second son to a duke, Grayson's fall from society's grace is cloaked in mystery. He's been ordered to kidnap the debutante and deliver her to his boss in Barbados. Their voyage to the islands becomes a test of wills, ending in a tidal wave of passion which leads them both to put their secrets, new found love, and lives on the line to escape Grayson's brutal kingpin master, Delaurier.

A sexy, seafaring adventure, "In Bed With a Blackguard" is filled with heat, humor, and danger! Both Jacquetta and Grayson are strong main characters with a scorching chemistry. The Lady Knights and the crew aboard the Agamemnon are delightful secondary characters who are integral to the storyline, with great potential for stories of their own. Though the malevolent Delaurier's part is small within the actual story, he is a constant, dark presence of danger readers will feel throughout the story. The sea voyage and island landscape are described with engaging detail to transport readers. Although there are a few pronoun and name discrepancies; the quick-fire banter, steamy love scenes, and amusing characters manage to provide more than enough of distraction to those little blips. Cara Maxwell introduces her new Lady Knights series with a cast of intriguing characters readers will definitely want to sail along with as they face their fears, fulfill their missions, and plunge into the depths of love.

Tonya Mathenia