Becket de Montbryce is exhausted after fighting the secure fortress Chateau Gaillard and finally breaching its wall. Becket knows the people left will suffer at the hands of the French, so he and his warriors help the orphans stranded there. Lady Marguerite d’Aigremont, cousin to the hated King John, manages to climb out of the cellar where she is hiding. Marguerite is shocked by what has happened to her home. Luckily, an elderly nun sees Marguerite and plans to disguise her as a sister to escape. Marguerite is able to care for the children that Becket plans to assist. Becket is suspicious about Marguerite, knowing there is more to her than meets the eye. Marguerite knows if Becket ever discovers who she truly is, it could cost her everything - including her life.

A wonderful, action-packed suspenseful romance and such a riveting read! This intricately written novel moves deftly at a great pace never missing a step! The book is beautifully crafted and truly a magnificent and spell-binding read. Ms. Markland skillfully tells a splendid, thrilling tale and is truly a master story-teller. The characters feel amazingly real and filled with hidden depths. The story’s settings are easy to imagine and quite spectacular. Becket is totally swoon-worthy; the epitome of the chivalrous and noble hero. Marguerite has a steely strength and determination that makes her easy to empathize with. Ms. Markland’s story will definitely take the reader on a breath-taking journey from beginning to end!

Roslynn Ernst