Beautiful Bad Man

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Two children meet briefly on the Kansas prairie in 1866. The memories run so deep they last a lifetime.
Norah Hawkins is traveling with her family to begin their new lives as farmers in Kansas. Caleb Sutton is running away from an abusive home. Starving, he's caught stealing food from the wagon train and the men threaten to hang him. Norah feels sorry for Caleb; he's small, thin and obviously hungry. She helps him escape with a supply of food. Over the years each of them dream the other has grown into a special and worthy person.
 Nearly fifteen years later they meet again. Norah is a downtrodden widow, angry, unhappy and suicidal. Caleb is a gun-for-hire, ruthless, hardened and violent. When Norah is threatened, Caleb comes to her rescue, recognizing her as the Girl who saved his life those many years ago. Norah at first refuses to believe this killer is the Boy.
 Very few authors write western romances like Ellen O'Connell. This may be only her fourth western title, but she has proven again that she is one of the best writers of this genre at present. Her knowledge of horses, history and the 'Old West' brings this story to life.
Caleb and Norah fit perfectly together. This is a common thread in each of her westerns. She pens memorable couples, not just individual heroes or heroines. The romance builds steadily, believably as their relationship progresses from a mutually beneficial arrangement, to love.
The story seamlessly blends the action and adventure of a western seamlessly with a sweet love story typical of the romance genre. Both Caleb and Norah are drawn realistically with strengths and weaknesses. The pacing never falters.
 Ellen O'Connell has written another superior story in Beautiful Bad Man, combining an authentic western with a tender romance. Highly recommended!

Jill MacKenzie