Beast of the Bay – Pirates of Britannia connected world.


Juan Alejandro Sanchez is a cold, fierce, dark and mysterious man. Once a slave, he is now known as a feared pirate — the Beast of the Bay. However, Juan holds secrets that could start a war, and no man has ever been able to pry them from him, or had the courage to try. Kat O’Malley is a woman who fears no man, especially not this pirate.  Juan may be her brother's most trusted man, but Kat believes the Spaniard holds a secret that could bring her family to ruin. Kat soon discovers that some secrets are better left untouched. Her desire for the truth finds her aboard Juan’s ship, and at his mercy uncovering a much different desire, this one more dangerous than they ever imagined.

This book is part of a Connected World collection but can be read as a standalone. The author has written an absolute page-turner! The tension and adventure created in the world of pirates, ships and drama grabs the reader from the first chapter. Kat is a strong, well-rounded character, but not so strong that she overshadows the dark and mysterious Juan who is, inside, a broken man. There is a lot of passion and hot, hot chemistry. The action is well described and has the reader sitting on the edge of their seat with a well-deserved happily ever after. While this is a historical fiction, the ending does ask the reader to stretch their imagination a tad. Overall, a very satisfying read, well worth the time and leaves one wanting more!

Cecilia Robins