The Baron’s Daughter (The Beckett Files Book 6)


The elusive spy, Genat, is finally showing up at a house party. Lord Morgan is assigned to infiltrate the party and bring the spy to justice. Lord Morgan is an agent to the crown but to disguise that fact, he has a charming personality and is quite a flirt. Josette is the headmistress at a school for girls. She trains with another female spy in the morning. However, when Lord Morgan approaches her about the assignment, she cannot imagine anything worse — until he says that they need to pose as a married couple to infiltrate the party. Ultimately, Lord Morgan makes her an offer she cannot refuse and they become a team. They both have different ways of approaching the task. When they are not arguing, they are busy falling in love. 

This is everything that readers want in a historical novel. It has romance, a complex plot, suspense, humor, plot twists, and danger! Not only that, but the historical detail is superb! It feels as if one has been completely immersed into the time. If that does not get the reader's attention then the phenomenal characters will! Josette is everything a female character should be! She exhibits fantastic character development. That and she is strong, witty, and capable. Lord Morgan is charming and quite the rake. The banter between Josette and Lord Morgan is not only hilarious but it really builds the romantic connection between them. All that mixed with a suspenseful storyline with wonderful twists make this a book that all readers will enjoy. Even though this is book 6, readers will not hesitate to grab the rest of the series just to see the characters again!

Amanda Hupe